In-person singing lesson (Soho)

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  • Anna Andres·

    Chiara was amazing, guiding a beginner like me through different techniques regarding warm up, voice use, etc

    Would definitely recommend her expertise. She is amazing.

  • Luca·

    Chiara is the 4th teacher I've ever had and by far the best: she has an immense knowledge that spans from the technical side of music, to singing styles, history as well as anatomy and how our whole body impacts our final performance. I think her best quality is by far her incredible empathy, Chiara can really put herself in her students’ shoes and adapt her approach to better fit the person she is teaching, making it easy and fulfilling to progress. She goes above and beyond to help her students and her enthusiasm will definitely keep you motivated. Being a specific project or a long-term learning program, Chiara will be your best choice for improving your skills whilst having fun!

  • Thalia·

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on this journey with me. It was not only to rediscover my voice, but also a part of myself. Thank you for being the positive force and a great teacher one would wish for!

  • Skye·

    I want to say thank you for helping me with singing. You are really kind and I am grateful that you are my singing teacher.

  • Gina·

    She is a very kind, patient and understanding teacher. 😁

  • Camille·

    Chiara is a wonderful teacher. She is always encouraging and gives me the confidence I need to perform in front of others.

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